You Are (Durational Life)

Photos by Petre Fall

The patient in the room is activated when she receives therapy from as many visitors as possible at the same time. The therapy can be given by simple touch, no healing skills required. The patient said: “I want the concept muscular and abstraction life”.

"You Are" uses the idea of a space, social and affective, that can accommodate forms of therapy, of performance and forms of abstract thinking. The white cube is transformed into a therapy room, a lecture hall, a social form, a space where contemplation meets abstraction and therapeutic touch meets conceptual distance. The performer is (a) patient and can be activated by the therapeutic touch of audience. Stillness and affect wake up to movement and language, or not. The audience can precipitate either thought or contemplation, they can trigger perspectives or they can have their own. The lecture mode will be a jungle of perspectives: speaking as a patient on behalf of the jaguar, like myself on behalf of a lamprey or another fish, like you in my dreams, like the unknown thing looking at a praying mantis. The rest is still. The therapy is collective and abstraction is both a matter of content and mood. 

The performance was produced for Durational Life Theory curated by Adriana Gheorghe at Salonul de Proiecte  Bucharest 2018